Getting to and from St Olav’s Waterway

Regardless if you choose to begin your walk from Turku, the main island of Åland, or Grisslehamn (or somewhere else in Sweden) there are several possibilities.

You can be very flexible when planning your journey. Do you want to walk the entire distance? Do you want to walk some of the legs and choose bus transport for others? Or would you prefer to divide the route up for several occasions? A wanderer on the St Olav’s Waterway does furthermore have the added bonus of resting during the crossings on water. During these you will be transported on board road ferries or shuttle boats.

There are local bus services along the entire route.

Connections to and from Turku

  • By air: Turku Airport – 8 kilometers outside the city centre is a small airport with limited daily arrivals and departures. Helsinki Airport is the largest in Finland, with excellent train- and bus connections to Turku.
  • By trainYou can reach Turku by train from everywhere in Finland. Helsinki – Turku by train is a 2 hour trip.
  • By bus: Information on domestic routes and timetables Matkahuolto and Onnibus
  • By passenger ship from Sweden: Viking Line or Tallink Silja Line

Connections to and from Mariehamn

Bus service along the route

There is a local bus service from Turku along the route to Korpo. (Timetable in Finnish or Swedish only.)

Road ferries along the route

The crossings from Pargas to Nagu and from Nagu to Korpo are handled by free of charge ferries with several hourly departures. There is no booking system, passengers on foot or cyclists are always guaranteed a place on board. You can find the timetables here.

Shuttle boats along the route

There is a shuttle boat from Galtby in Korpo to Åland, with stops at the islands of Kökar, Sottunga, and Föglö, before reaching Långnäs on the main Åland island. The number of daily departures from Galtby depends on the season. In summer the shuttle departs twice daily from Galtby, less frequently during spring and autumn. During winter season 5 departures per week.

Cyclists are adviced to book a place in advance during high season, this is not necessary for travelers on foot. For walkers the shuttle boat is free of charge, cyclists and other passengers with vehicles pay a small fee. More information and timetables.